Berekum West NPP chairman has brutalized One Young Boy To Hospitalization.

The new petrotic party chairman of the Berekum West Mr. Boapong Peter has caused hospitalization of young boy called Bungi in the jinijin electoral area.

Bungi was brutalized by some build up men of npp under the instructions of Berekum West chairman, Mr Boapong Peter. In the audio below , the chairman clearly stated that, Berekum West is npp strong hold and who so ever cross them will be dealt with.

Listen to this audio carefully.

According to eye witnessed, he disclosed to and news team that, Bungi didn’t do anything wrong to deserve such brutalization . Bungi just spoke out his concern about upcoming election of which he made a statement that, the npp will lose the seat because of their poor performance in the Berekum West .

As we speak, Bungi is taking medical support at the hospital.

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