16 year old Jhs 3 girl commit suicide by hanging at Abesewa in Dunkwa on Offin.

A 16 year old girl by name Mariam Batuley JHS Three(3) has commited suicide by hanging
this friday morning 18th september 2020 at Abesewa a Community at Dunkwa On Offin in Upper Denkyira East municipality.

According to a relative she left the house last night around 10 pm to attend to natures call which is some few metres from the house of which she didn’t return back….So upon searching for her, they found her this morning hanging on a tree along the way to the toilet.

Many of the people who came to the scene suspects she was killed, but didn’t hang herself.
The Dunkwa police Division has come for the body for further investigations.. However we will follow up and come out with the main cause.


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