Epixode Endorsed I-Klef Da Rapper.

I-klef the rapper is a Ghanaian upcoming rapper who is really doing a great job as a rapper.

On the 13th September 2020, I-klef went for audition on one of the nation Television called Hot TV of which Expixode was among the judgement crew.

Epixode is known to be hard working international dancehall artiste who has really contributed massively to the Dancehall music in Africa.

Epixode endorsed I-klef as the best new Artiste in Africa who will surely brings to the music industry a great future. He gave out his water to I-klef as a sign of endorsement.

I-klef took this to Twitter and tweet about it. Episode saw it and blessed him with a tweet.

Indeed, I-klef is a good rapper and richghana.com has put it endorsement stamp on it. Let’s follow him on all social media platforms as I-klef Da Rapper.

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