Why Google AdSense didn’t approve your website?. Get the solution here

Fellow reader, today I would be talking about the main reason why your website hasn’t been approved by Google AdSense network. But before then, l would introduce the Google AdSense network to those who are not familiar with it.

Google AdSense network is a very big platforms that allows publishers to monetize their website and make some reasonable money for themselves. In today’s era , making money online is a solution for bloggers and publishers. There are many monetization platforms that allows publishers to monetize their website with. However the best of all is Google AdSense, Google AdSense allows you to display ads on your website after they’ve approved your application. You are likely to make 68% of the income generated from your website . It’s a cost per click policy and it really fantastic way to make huge amount of money if you have large audience on your website.


Now let’s talk about the main reason why Google AdSense don’t approved your application for monetization.

Every blogger or publisher dream is to make money from his or her website, so they go for monetization. Although there are many ways to make money from your website without ad placement, but the most easiest way to make money is monetization . Google AdSense network is the Top most paid platform.

Many has applied for Google AdSense account but their account couldn’t verify by Google AdSense network because of the following factors.

PREMATURE WEBSITE : in the Eligibility criteria for the Google AdSense application, your website should be 6 months old. If the website is less than 6 months, it would be rejected by the company Reviewing team. So make sure it’s 6 months old.


NON ORIGINAL CONTENT: Google AdSense approves website with original content. Never ever do copy and paste of other website content if your wish is to monetize the website with Google AdSense. Try as much as possible to write your own content and if you would like to copy some from different website, just pick the concept and use your own English to write it.

you would see something like content violation in the email you would receive from Google AdSense after your account has been disapproved. Go through your post and delete all the copy and paste post from your website and reapply.

This is what Google AdSense will send you after your website has been disapprove.

VISITORS AND VIEWS : Google AdSense approves website with more visitors and views . At least your website should have 30k views at the end of it six months of creation. Write more post and share it with friends and groups to bring people to the website.

NUDITY CONTENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED : Don’t post nudity content on your website if you want to monetize it with Google AdSense. Such as pornography, naked pictures etc.

If you have make this changes , then reapply and I promise you finally get approval email from Google AdSense. Thanks for reading this tips , your can comment below anything about this topic.

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