Brother Sammy narrated how he changed Kofi B’s life few months before he died.

In an interview Richghana TV had with Brother Sammy, he made it clear that he has totally change Kofi B life before he died.

The popular late highlife Singer Kofi Boakye popularly known in the music industry as Kofi B accepted Christ before his Death, said by Brother Sammy the nation worshipper.

According to Brother Sammy, kofi B was a drug and alcohol addict before he met him . After few days of their friendship ,God used him to touch Kofi B and finally he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and saviour . Bro Sammy again stated in an interview with Agoro Papa on Richghana TV that, he use to provide Kofi B accommodation whenever he touches down in Kumasi.

According to Brother Sammy, Kofi B would have been died long ago before the day he died but God wanted him to be born again in Christ before he will call him. He said ” l believe Kofi B is resting on the right hand side of the most high God.”

Brother Sammy made it clear to richghana TV that he has a gospel song with kofi B that they’ve planned to release it this year before the unfortunate death took him away. Brother Sammy promised to take care of Kofi B’s family no matter what, in other to show him the love he has for him.

Watch the full interview here

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