How to start a profitable website in Africa.

Today lesson would base on establishing a very profitable website. In establishing a website, one needs to take certain things into consideration . The main key to make money from your website is to have many followers and site views. This means that, before you would start a website, you should have a well structured fan base. One can do so by creating social media pages with the name you want to create the website with( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) . For example; if I want to create a website with the domain name ,l have to create a Facebook page with the name Richghana for 3 months before I will start creating the website. This would help me bring my friends and lovers under one umbrella and make them my readers for the website yet to be created.

The second key is Host and Domain : This will come after you think you have enough fans or followers on your social media platforms at least 1k followers it’s cool to start a profitable website with. Host is a package on a server that would give you a space to locate and host your website. For example if you want to build a house , you need a peice of land from authorities before you can build it and after building the house you will need a name for the house for easy identification and it call domain . Thats how the Host and Domain looks like in creating a website. Choosing the best domain name for your website helps for easy identification. You will have to buy a Host space and domain. There are numerous of Host companies in the globe, but I will be talking about successful ones like Bluehost , WordPres and the affordable one FASTCOMET.COM

Let’s start creating a new website here Fastcomet or click on the image below . Choosing Fastcomet will give you a discount of 30% off the original price.

If you have any challenge in creating the website, contact this WhatsApp number we will help you out +233541346716

Before you start any Post on the website after you’ve finished creating it.. Don’t forget to write about a nice topic, I mean idea behind the site, eg, if you are going to write about fitness and healthy lifestyle, Try to write your own content. Don’t do copy and paste from other website. Original content are easily allow into Google AdSense approval.

Finally , Monetization is the main key to success in website creating. Follow this steps to get going and start making money from your website. Click on the image below to get get more idea monetization

Click on the image to get into website Monetization

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