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Ditto is one of the largest music distribution companies in the world. They offer label services as well and have over 25 offices worldwide. The digital music distributor has worked with artists ranging from Stormzy to Sam Smith and now have a roster including Chance The Rapper and Ghana’s very own, Sarkodie.

If your an African artist, you have the chance to enjoy 3 months Free sign up package. Why don’t you take the advantage of this opportunity and start selling your music and make some money for your self.

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This is the cheapest music distribution company l have ever seen in my Life of blogging. They charge as low as $12 per annually for unlimited songs distribution to numerous digital music streaming companies like Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google music, Deezer, Apple music Audiomack and many streaming platforms.

Sell your songs individually or album to the above mentioned platforms and make much money for yourself.


Why do l recommend DITTO MUSIC DISTRIBUTION for you.

Every musician dream is to reach the global market and make some money for him/herself. However some digital marketing platforms are limited to some place which makes it difficult for some countries inaccessible for their musicians to apply for. Ditto music distribution is here to do the hard work for you and make the money For yourself.

Again it is the loyal platform that have great musicians on board globally. Ditto gives you a single link to all of the streaming platforms your songs have been distributed to, for you to post on your social media platforms to make it very accessible for your fans .

Get this secret tip right.

After you create account with Ditto and submit your songs to be distributed, they will give you a single link. Copy and paste the link on your social media platforms. Secondly, connect with bloggers and influencers , talk to them and send them the link for them to post on their handles for you. Don’t refuse to pay something small if they requested for but make sure they have huge followers especially the social media influencers.

whatever challenge you may have or any question you would love to ask . contact me on Whatsapp+233(0)541346716. You can promote your work on .



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