Eno Barony is Adhering To Money Making Protocols with new song.. . check it out.

Eno Barony is a female Rapper in Ghana who have been trending as the best rapper among all the female Rappers in the country.

Recently, she had some ” Beef” with some female Artistes like, Freda Rythm, sister Afia and later brought up Medikal on board with her song “Help them play Nonsense” . What everyone is asking about the beef between female Rappers in Ghana is that, are they going to make revenue from that?. Or it’s just a means of seeking popularity?.



After the“beef” , l can clearly say that, Eno Barony has set to adhere to money making protocols in her career. Eno Barony is the only female rapper who has proven that she really understand the concept of the “Beef” . She cooked a brand new song with kelvyn Boy called ” cheat ” after the “Beef” . One can say that ,she has taken the advantage of the ” Beef” to sell out something revenue generative by putting one best male vocalist on her new song.

13/6/20. Release date.

Check it out

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