Schools have been reopen for final year students -Nana Addo.

Covid-19 has caused the whole world big pain which has also affected our education system. Education is the major key to success in this world. This Covid-19 pandemic has force president of all countries to closed down schools, churches, mosque.etc.

In the early of March 2020 , the president of the republic of Ghana His Ex Nana Addo Addressed the Nation and closed down all schools in Ghana from bacis to tertiary in order to combat the spread of the virus. This takes students from class room studies to online studies, . According to the students, things hasn’t been easy to them using the online portal for studies..

On the 31st May 2020, The president of the republic of Ghana, His Ex Nana Addo in his nation address, he stated that schools are now open only for final year students from junior high school to tertiary which is to commence in the middle of June for them to get prepared for their exit examination ahead. He again stated that, non final year class still remains closed.

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