Rev. Obofour has put Pastor Elisa Malope in prison.

The young man who calls himself a pastor accused Rev. Obofour of eating human Fresh and burying pregnant women in his church to gain powers.

After Obofour threatened to deal with him, Elisha  retracted the allegations he made against Rev. Obofour.

Speaking in a latest audio, he said he did that for fame because in Ghana attacking popular people is the easiest way to be famous.

Elisha has therefore begged for forgiveness from the head pastor of the Anointed Palace Chapel.

In a recent public announcement made by Rev. Obofour on one of his television called Cash TV, he made it clear that, so called pastor Elisa malope has been arrested by sunyani police and has been sentence to prison for disgracing him. He showed videos showing pastor malope at the sunyani prison.

Rev Obofour has thrown a deep warning to those who are plotting to disgrace him to be very careful with him , he promised to even sacrifice his last blood to make Sure such people go to prison irrespective of their status both financially and politically. This warning seems to point at Hon. Kennedy Agyapong as he threatened to expose Rev. Obofour. Thanks for reading our news.

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