Sarkodie Deserves to be praised for putting Africa on Top of the Globe with Rap music.

Sarkodie is a very good and talented Rapper in Africa and beyond who come from Ghana. Since his exposure to the world of Rap music, he has never failed Africa. He always try to put Africa on Top when it comes to Rap music and flow.

I still can’t understand why people hates him when he says he is the Rap God . Yes, sarkodie is the Rap God, he is the only upstanding artiste in Africa who has won BET Award with Rap in Africa. God has really prepared him for Africa when it comes to Rap music.

I wonder why people still compare sarkodie with other rappers in Africa. No rapper got the vibe and the level of where sarkodie has reached now not even M.I from Nigeria.

Don’t forget the international best flow he won recently, that alone is a big achievement for Africa. This is the time we all need to support sarkodie to fight and bring the world Best rapper KEY to Africa. This is the time we need to support digital streaming of our own artistes, This is the time we show him some respect, this is the time to CELEBRATE SARKODIE and other stars.

Bulldog recently made some comparison of Eno Barrony and Sarkodie which he said, sarkodie is no where near Eno Barrony. Bulldog made this comparison out of hatred. Doing this comparison is just like comparing Shatta Wale to Shatta Bandle , it can’t match.

Pic of Bulldog

All other rappers are doing good and playing within their limit, just that the height sarkodie has reached can never be compare to .

I choose to celebrate sarkodie and other amazing artistes while they are alive than to celebrate them when they are no more. We celebrate you All. #Let’scelebrateafricanartistes#

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