Bishop Bernard Nyarko Death is highly spiritual. – Brother Sammy.

The legendary Bishop Bernard Nyarko, a kumawood actor just passed away on the 2nd may 2020. His sadden Death occurred to unknown medical caused . His is a man of integrity and intelligent who believes in hard work and the work of the Lord. He has been futured in couple of local movies until kumawood collapsed.

After kumawood got collapse, he found him self in the work of the Lord as a preacher, he teaches, advise, and encourage in almost all his craft.

His sudden Death has caused us a huge pain and gaps in the our hearts. “Bishop Bernard Nyarko didn’t tell us where he’s going, His Death is highly spiritual not physical.” Brother Sammy alleged.

Alot of people are allegedly connecting his sudden Death to a certain occult pastor who he has been working with as his spiritual father. But the Question is even if that’s true, what has he done to deserve this death.

This year 2020 is a bad year full of demonic plot , so many people have died through Corona virus and other means that one can’t understand. Rest in peace Bishop.

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