All Categories of Awards should be Attribute to Healthworkers. – ATM DE BLOGGER.

It is very heartbreaking when Healthworkers are ignore in every single Award in this world. Every year, we hear BET AWARDS , GRAMMY AWARDS, OSCAR and many honouring musicians and movie stars upon their hard work. This motivate them to do much in upcoming year.

Healthworkers had never been rewarded on their hard work and High risk Taking. Healthworkers had never been motivated in anyway.

In the outcast of Covid-19 pandemic, Healthworkers are the second God and saviour of human life. With this all healthworkers are appealing to the global leaders and the Award organisers to attribute all awards to Healthworkers to at least show the whole world the scope of Health service and it personel involved.

Please, don’t forget to protect your self from Covid-19 pandemic , adhere to all protocol given by the government and the WHO . Your health is my concern. Thanks

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