Should students get Tuition Refund as school goes Online.

In this Corona virus pandemic era, almost all countries has closed down their schools in other to fight the Corona virus. Almost all schools were closed in February , or March 2020 . However, students have paid their tuition fee and hostel fees in full for this semester.

School has been moved to the internet or online where students are to attend classes with a computer and mobile data Online. The problem here is that Majority of the students may not have access to the online class, this can be attribute to many factors such as poor Network in the community if the student lives in a village, unable to afford for computer, mobile phone, and even money to buy mobile Data for the online studies.

In this era, the government should have provide free laptops with Free internet Data package for students , ensuring easy access to mobile network to release stress and make the online studies very lovely.

As long as we are battling this pandemic, we actually don’t know when schools would be reopened for students to get back to class to have connection with their lecturers where they can ask couple of questions during lectures and do groups studies as well.

Students of the various institutions are not been treated well in this Corona virus pandemic. However ,we suggest that, the institutions should refund students tuition fees and hostel fees to them in other to be able to afford the necessary learning material they will be needed for the online studies.. Thanks for reading our article.

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