How do we Fights against Injustice Towards the poor people in Africa.

In Africa, it seems that poor people are not been treated well as compare to the rich people. Injustice has become a friend to the poor people. Punishment given to the poor people is more than that of Rich people, even if the same Crime being committed.

I have noticed the kind of pain the poor people goes through every day. I observed a case in Ghana where a poor man hustle and was able to save something small to purchase a piece of land to build a single room for his children , this old poor man started building his single room on the land , he did well to build to the lengthening, then a politician just sent an excavator to the site and broke the poor man building down without compensation and the politician begins to build a hotel on the land. Claiming he is the owner of the that piece of land. This is totally Injustice .

Let’s think through the crimes and their punishments. In every country, no individual is above the law , so if someone commit a crime , he / she deserves to be punished accordingly. However in Africa, only the poor people got punish when they commit a crime . In court segment in Ghana that l witnessed, a poor man at age 52 was treated bad, his only soon got killed by a rich man by car under traffic light when the traffic light was on red light and the boy was crossing to the next end.

The rich man with full speed knocked him down to Death and escaped but the police managed to arrest him. Guess what when he was brought to Court, he was rather controlling the Judge on what question to ask him. Because he’s rich , he came in with a Lawyer but the poor man couldn’t afford to hired a Lawyer. The case later became foolish case.. In summary, the Rich man just paid something to the judge and the judge turned everything down.. we were all hoping to see the Rich man jailed but it didn’t happen because money control everything in Africa.


A poor man who out of anger slapped his Boss because the boss own him some amount of money for so long and decided to go for it , later he was jail to 10 years in prison. Very Bad.

Couple of Rich men have committed alot of crimes but when they are caught, the only punishment for them is to resign from post. Especially the politicians and public figures. But a poor man will steal something small to survive for the day, he will be arrested and would be put in prison for many years.

Even if a rich man commit a crime which is as same as that of the poor man, and he needs to be put in prison, the Rich man will be given less sentence term than the poor man.

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When a Rich man steal country assets, being it money or whatever, they called it corruption and the punishment for him is to Resign from post . However if a poor man steal something they called him thief and he will be sentence to prison for so many years. politicians or public figures will steal huge amount of money from the account of a country or the company he or she is working for and he/she got arrested , they will go Scott free.

something similar happen in Ghana and Africa when Anas Aremeyaw exposed the Ghana football Association Boss and west Africa Football Association member, Akwesi Nyatakyi . Akwesi Nyatakyi found guilty of bribe and corruption and scamming, what everyone was expecting was imprisonment for him but the only punishment for him was to resign from his office. His is not the only person who have committed huge crime, many Africa leaders and public figures have been found guilty but went Scott free. That’s Africa for you.

In conclusion , l just want to know why poor people are treated so badly whiles the Rich people are pampered instead when same crime committed. Write your comments below and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family on all social media platforms . Use the social sharing button at the top of this story.

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