50% of Electricity bill will be absorb by Gov’t for the next 3 months- Prez Akuffo Addo.

Today, 9th April 2020 @ 10:30pm ,the president of the republic of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo address the nation on the 6th time as we combat CoviD-19 pandemic.

In his speech ,he stated that, Ghana now have 378 confirmed Covid-19 cases, which means that the war has not ended yet , however, Lockdown restrictions have been extended by one week in Accra, kasoa,Tema and Kumasi.

He again assured Ghanaians of free water supply with no bill for 3 months that is , April, may, and June.

In addition, he stated that government will absorb 50% of electricity bill for residential users for the next 3 months that is April,may, and June . Free electricity for consumers whos consumption is less than 50kw/h monthly.

Richghana.com want you to stay home and he help the fight against the pandemic CoviD-19. Please leave the comments below.

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