Can’t churches supply Free hand sanitizers to it members from the church account?- Christian youth voice out.

Christianity is all about caring for each other interns of needs. Covid-19 has taken over the world about couple of months ago and it has killed thousands of innocent people.

Although the cure for this viral infection is not available but by adhering to the preventive measures can reduce the Pace at which this pandemic infection is spreading which includes the following.

  • Regular hand washing with soap under running water
  • Avoid handshakes and hugging
  • Cover mouth and nose with surgical mask
  • cover mouth and nose when sneezing 😷 and coughing 😫 with tissue and dispose it safely
  • Ensure personal hygiene
  • Avoid crowded areas
  • Drinks more fluids
  • Always used alcohol based hand sanitizer aseptically.
  • And many other preventive measures you know.

It has come to realization that law of demand and supply is working now at days as hand sanitizers has become the most expensive product on market. Only rich people are able to afford.

Some youths of the church of Pentecost and other churches has raised a very strong concern about how clued their leaders are. According the youths, the church should have by now show concern about the health of their members by providing at least 2 bottles of hand sanitizer to each member to aid them in ensuring proper preventive measures against Covid-19 outbreak. Although prayer is a major thing that Christianity believes in but the Bible itself, talks about Christians being healthy .

Those we called them non Christians, are rather doing what Christ expect Christians to do. Not to mention many , an artiste and Label manager for Medikal called waddle has been sharing hand sanitizers Free on the street of Tema in the greater Accra region of the republic of Ghana whiles churches are not doing that ,upon all the huge offertory collected from this same church members. God have mercy .

As at 2:00 pm on 23/3/20 Ghana has recorded 23 confirmed cases of which no one has recovered. This tells us that, the confirmed cases will keep adding up if Churches also support their members. As we are roaming to earn something to feed the families and the world, is not every point that you can do hand washing . There is a need for everyone to have hand sanitizer to cleans the hands. However is not every one that can afford and the government will not also provide, therefore as Christian’s , we need to benefit something small from the offertory we’ve offered.

The question does Christianity still exists? While the president of the republic of Ghana Nana Addo suspended Churches from operating for just four weeks, some Churches have created an online payment method for collecting offertory and tithes by dialing *800*1# without thinking of getting the church hand sanitizers to aid them live healthy as we awaits the suspension to be lifted. Heal the world o’lord.

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