Ghana Yesu set to release a brand new inspirational song very soon.

The popular artiste who is Trending globally in a professional way called Ghana Yesu set to release a dope tune with the title ” Ekwan Dem” which features Belbonfly and produce by Dkay beatz.

The song is full of inspirations , advise with mature lyrics. This song talks about how we struggle in life just to get better future, but with challenges we always face..

However, if God grant you mercies and you are able to penetrate through , the excitement alone relief all stress .In Ghana , the word “Ekwan Dem” means that , the chance has come. Now think of anything you have been trying to penetrate through of which you couldn’t, however you finally find a resolution to it and you were able to penetrate through, how relief you are.

Can’t wait to listen to this song follow Ghana Yesu on all social media platforms.

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