Nhyiraba kojo blessed pataapaa with another High Levels.

The popular Ghanaian artiste , pataapaa just reached another hight as he got celebrated by the rich gang boy nhyiraba kojo . On the 30th of November 2019, he was invites to perform at cape coast popular awards night called ” Central music Awards” .

During his performance , Nhyiraba kojo was there ,jamming to pataapaa’s performance. Nhyiraba kojo got mad to pataapaa and started blessing him with dollars on stage.Advertisements

Later on , pataapaa descended from the stage and walked towards Nhyiraba kojo for more dollars. However he wasn’t pay for the performance ,so he derived such awesome humour to get some money in there.

Whiles Nhyiraba kojo was giving him the money, his fans were also trying to take the money from him. It was such an amazing night. Watch the video here.


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