update from Nabco secretariat On December allowance .

All nabco beneficiaries Will start receiving their December allowance from 24th December 2018.

Those who had their e-zwich number to be wrong last month and have gone to fix it will have both November and December allowance.

If by any means one did not get his or her allowance, the person should report to the district nabco office for verification.

0 thoughts on “update from Nabco secretariat On December allowance .

  1. Is all about puntuality at work n trainees r seriously working so is good that leaders r able to pay us well.. nation builders need attention n also b mindful of the fact that d gov’t has bail out graduates n us such work hard to help the gov’t achieve it goal of making Ghana standout in Africa. .

  2. what about those that resigned from the YEA and the forestry commission, what happens to them? will they also get their November and December stipends.

  3. It’s good hear this, but some of us r waiting to upload our engagement letter which will lead us for placement

  4. Some of us received new appointments but were not allowed to upload our engagement letter,even though time for the submission of the letter wasnt due,infact is a tragic and we want somthing to be done about it

  5. Pls when is our December allowances going to be paid? .. Anyway thanks for all Nana Akuffo Addo and his team..God bless u all

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