There is lack of support from hit Artists — Kumasi up and coming artists voice out


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some of the Kumasi artists fails to support the up and coming artist for this reason,  there is a hot rapper in kumasi called Nbee Gh who is better than Flowking stone in terms of rap and othere artist as well ,so they think if they give this up and coming artists chance , their career will fade out . These hit artists are afraid of the up and coming artist.

1. Flowking stone

2. Cabum

3.Lil win.


Nbee Gh photo

Download Nbee Gh mp3 – Rap mu Anas

They normally charge huge amount of money for features when the up and coming artist approach them for features which they know that ,no undergee will get that money.

Sarkodies has been pushing Temà artist at cool rate support which even some of these artists said ,he never charges them before he comes on their songs to make them hit. To mention few of these artists, we have artist like B4borna, Medikal, Ypee, and kwesi Arthur .But it is not so in Kumasi…. Selfish will kill us in kumasi. Why should it be so?

Castro was doing this to Tardee( Tarkoradi) boys, they were all happy when he lost from the system ,which makes Nero X to released Oseey……” adzia me p3 na me nsa akaa Yi”” . nero X mean , that, he was happy for castro incidence becuase he has been blocking their chances and now he is no more ,they have chance to come out from that prison


All Kumasi hit artist have the same  mindset as kumawood people. they should stop that and the underground artist


Together we stand ,  devided we fall. let’s help each other



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