This blog will guide you step-by-step photographically to give a clear and comprehensive treatment in the first aid.
The first aid procedure is constantly review to ensure that casualties are getting the best possible care.
This blog provides you with the most up-to-date guidelines for all conditions and first aid treatment including the latest recommendations for resuscitation techniques .It also help you to understand why and how first aid techniques  works , greater emphasis has bean placed on how we are structured(ANATOMY) and how we functions(PHYSIOLOGY).
First aid is an immediate assistance or treatment given to someone who is injured or suddenly  taken sick before the arrival of an ambulance ,Doctor or any qualified personnel.
First aid is aiming at the following
– To preserve life ( both you and the casualties life should be safe)
– To limit worsening  of the conditions
– To promote recovery.
The first condition we are going to tackle is ACCIDENT .
Accident normally comes in different forms. These include 
-motor Accident
-Fire outbreak
– injuries and many more.

whenever you come across any motor accident don’t be a journalist by  taking photos with your phone and be posting them on social media, but you can be a good Samaritan by saving the life of the casualties involve.
At any motor accident scene, you are to take into consideration this two steps to ensure that ,the life of the casualties as well as your life is safe.
step 1-  Make the accident site safe 
step 2 – check the casualties.
To make the accident site safe, ensure the following steps
– firstly ensure your own safety and do not do anything that will create danger.
– Don’t run across the road any how 
– Send bystanders to stop any incoming vehicle from both side of the road.
-set up a warning triangle ,or light 200 metres away in each directions.-
–  at night , get something reflectable or a torch light.
– make sure that , the brake of the affected vehicles are at good conditions and switch off batteries and engine.
–  Look for any physical dangers ~ is any one smoking ? Are there good vehicles?.
– Invit the ambulance and the police through phone call .shortcode 193 and 191 respectively.
checking of the casualties.
Quickly assess all casualties , move them only if they are in danger zone to safe zone with care or with life-saving techniques .Deal with life threatening conditions first ( emergency priorities others). Follow these steps
– Firstly , check those casualties with breathing difficulties . this case should be treated first . NOTE: any person with difficult in breathing can die after 3 minutes without oxygen ( air). Ensure patency of the airway by checking the mouth for any foreign bodies such as denture or secretion and clear them off . also ensure that the tongue isn’t turned backward but rather forward to prevent airway blockage.
After removing any obstacles from the airway , give the casualty an artificial ventilation ( mouth-to-mouth breathing) and chest compression . Ambulance attendant will bring some oxygen supporting gadgets such ambu bag.
– Secondly, Check those casualties with severe bleeding , any external bleeding should be arrested by applying hard pressure over the wound with the finger., Anything bigger than minor cut should be deal with bandaging with a bandage ( improvised bandage can be use — any clean cloth or handkerchief can be use) to arrest the bleeding.
if the bleeding is from the limbs ( legs and arms) ,it should be raised but the head and the trunk should be flat on the ground.
always check for pulse under the bleeding wound.
– Thirdly, unconscious casualties should be considered here.. The casualties should be placed in lateral position immediately with the face directed slightly downward to allow flow out secretion or vomits ( vomiting blood is known as haematemisis) .
– Lastly, is the cardiac arrest . in cardiac arrest , the casualty has collapse, the pupil of the  eyes will dilate and the pulse cannot be felt . External cardiac massage should be given . to give cardiac arrest massage, placed the casualty flat on the floor and do chest compression . The airway is clean if necessary. 

now hand over the casualties ( casualty) to the ambulance team or attendants   , if none is available , arrange for  car and send them to the hospital for medical care to be given. 
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